December 7, 2016

Meet The Team

The Alumni Relations team is a small but perfectly formed group, dedicated to keeping links between you and Karunya University alive. From the day that you graduate, we bring you news, events, benefits and services as well as help you to stay in touch with the University and each other.

What do we do?

Well in general we connect. In order for us to connect, we have a number of departments under which we categorize ourselves. These groups include the content, media, event management, internal relations, human resources, public relations and web development teams. Each department has an important role to play.


     Web Development

The Web Development team has perfectly trained developers who can make sure all your web needs are met. We make essaycapital sure these projects are having industrial standards and use the latest and most suitable frameworks.




The event management team takes care of every minor detail for an event, which includes pre planning, decoration, seating arrangements, food and a lot more.


Public Relations

The Public Relations team does what any other PR does. They build mutually beneficial relationships without which our organisation would cease to exist.



Internal Relations

The internal relations keep the departments posted with events from the alumni cell and vice versa and coordinates mutual events.


Human Resources

The human resource department keeps the team running with weekly analysis of the team’s performance and brings in new recruits to the team.


Content & Media

The Content Team for example works on letters, emails, reports and articles such as the one you are reading right now. Of course, without the help of the media team everything you see would be just black and white. The media team brings life to whatever we want to publish, and from designing brochures and pamphlets to making promotional videos and advertisements, they get everything done.